[How-To] how to install Garmin Mobile XT (GMXT) on symbian built-in GPS phone

for symbian s60v3, s60v5,Symbian^2, Symbian^3

The easy way to install Garmin XT

1.Copy Garmin,private,Resource, system directory to your memory card (Download Here) and then copy voice,Poi and Vehicle to garmin folder Download Here
2.Install GarminMXT.sis(v5.00.30) [new version]
3.launch GMXT for 1st time, it will prompt for settings of language, units, etc. so, choose your preferred settings. then connect to a garmin gps.
if GMXT cant be launched, try to locate the GarminMobileXT.sis in ur memory card, n then install it.
4. next, choose connect to a garmin gps. click cancel when it prompt searching for gps device.
5. on the main menu screen, choose Tools -> Settings -> About > make note of your Card id & close the app.
6. run GMXT keygen. enter card id & press the top Generate key to generate a device code.
7. copy the device unlock key & paste in Notepad. save the file as SW.UNL (choose save as type: All Files)

(If you do not save the file using type All Files then the file is saved as a .txt type file
and it won’t work unless the .txt extension is removed by renaming)
8. reconnect to pc using mass storage mode. move the SW.UNL file to your memory card –> under “Garmin” directory..
9. disconnect phone from pc. now, run GMXT -> Tools -> Settings -> System ->Remote GPS. Choose enable “Use Attached/Built-in GPS”.
(if there is no choices and only a “pair new GPS” selection
then you have a problem, either with the SW.UNL file (maybe with .txt extension or other)
or incorrect keygen procedure install. recheck and/or redo above.)
10. next put the map (gmapsupp.img – extract from malaysia n singapore map.exe above) into your memory card –> under “Garmin” directory.


for the 1st time, u can only view the map after u receive the satellite signal..
(green bars at top left of the main menu screen)
u need to go outside to receive better gps signal..

special thanks to my friend syazalina83

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