Malfreemaps v110221 (21 Feb 2011)

Free Malaysia & Singapore Garmin GPS Map

Disclaimer & Warranty
The map provided is on “as-is” basis, MFM provides no warranty & disclaims liability on any damages whatsoever arising from its use. DO NOT use the map if you do not agree to this condition!


1. Link to Navnet map in Kalimantan
2. Coverage of Southern Thailand
3. Optional Chinese POI
4. Improved SG Postal Code & Address map with instant search result
5. New POI icons
6. New POI categories with custom icons (soon)
7. New MFM map generator with option to generate either Full or Lite version
8. Coloured topo polygons are added into Full-version map
9. New multi-language installer
10. No more error when uploading map through Mapsource

Please refer to new features page for additional info.

MFM maps are easily distinguished from other maps due to our special features:

* Custom POI icons
* POIs are visible during navigation
* Attractive colors for area compound
* Different color scheme for day and night
* Improved “keep left/right” guidance at complex junctions
* Announcements of U-turns whenever possible (since v1.50)
* Improved recalculation sensitivity (since v1.50)

How to install??? copy(replace) gmsupp to ur Garmin folder on ur MMC



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