Collada 3d Viewer

[Image: collada_3d_500.jpg]
Collada 3d Viewer is a Maemo/Meego application for viewing 3d models in Collada 3d format. It adds support for the device allowing users to open 3d models from web, email attachments or from the file system. The 3d models can be easily rotated, panned and zoomed using different keys and touch gestures. The viewer features also include changing between cameras in the 3d model and switching to a fast rendering mode that allows smooth handling of very large or complex 3d models. 

Collada 3d Viewer provides real-time 3d model visualization and is suitable for anyone wishing to view 3d models using their handheld device. Collada 3d Viewer has been tested against Collada exports from multiple design tools. Collada 3d Viewer is powered by Capsule 3d Engine from SVSi available as demo software on Maemo repositories. Full application is available on Ovi Store for about 7 euros.

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